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I'm dissatisfied with the work I do. Not with working - the work that I do.


I'm doing what I always dreamed about, too. I am good at what I do - really, astoundingly good - but I can't get around the fact that I don't like who I'm doing it for, don't approve of all the beurocratic nonsense I have to deal with at work (


I don't belong where I am, but I won't be ready to apply to grad schools for at least one full year from now, after which I won't actually be able to attend a school until probably the next fall.


That means I'll be working where I am for 2 years. And hating it. How do you deal with the kind of profound dissatisfaction that I'm feeling for 2 full years after you've comitted yourself to quitting? It astounds me that I could make this huge a mistake. I'm already feeling the stress of my situation - I can't sleep, have lost all my appetite, and am generally displeased with where I am. I'd say I am depressed, but I've BEEN depressed before, so I know better. I feel like I'm being imprisoned by my paycheck and actively working against moving forward with my life.


So the question I pose is - how the hell do you find a sustainable way to blow off steam for 2 years? My productivity outside of work seems to be propotional to how good I feel, so what can I do to leave work not feeling stressed about today, yesterday, or tomorrow?

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Is it absolutely mandatory that you stick around for another 2 years? If so, then I say, think of how tough others have it. Sounds like your job doesn't require you to scrub toilets while being paid less than minimum wage. Not only that, some people have to work double shifts in order to provide for a family. I know that you may not feel as though your job isn't glorious, I know the feeling, but for the next two years, just think of it as you giving back to the community with what you're gifted with!


Did you know that what there is a theory behind what you're going through? I took a gen ed class 2 years back, intro sociology, and we learned about a theory called: "Peter Principle". Basically, the explaination behind this theory is- once somone masters something that they're really good at, they lose passion in it, and also become less and less competant at what they're doing. I am by no means iimplying that you are incompetant. The theory basically implies that when a person loses passion in what they're doing once they feel that they've mastered it and feel less challenged, their level of productivity/quality of work decreases.


Anyway, if you really hate your job, I think that it's helpful to try to find something positive about it. Turn to other positive things in your life. Maybe there's a hobby that you always wanted to take up and never found time to do it. Invest into doing something like that! Then, maybe your hours at work will go by fast. I work in sales/commission. I know how the feeling goes. I am not one to like to act fake, but when push comes to shove, I make lots of money for the fricken company. I hate it, but I always think, at least I'm lucky enough where I'm working in a clean/sophisticated environment. I don't have to be hopping on trucks at 4 a.m. just to break my back to pick strawberries. -OR- think of it this way- some people are handicapped, and don't have the capability to work. Some people are paralyzed and all they do is sit around and "wish" they could work. At least we're lucky enough where we can work, and our jobs aren't that bad.


I Hope this helps!

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Do you work at the same place I do? I fully understand what you are going through. and I dont really know what to answer is. It feels like every day I turn up to "hell with fluorescent lighting", everyday before work I feel sick however I just keep the end in mind at the moment my job is just a means to an end. I know how good my next job will be because


someone who has never tasted bitter does not know what is sweet

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