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Hi all


Just really posting to vent my feelings as I think Ive put my friends through enough the past 2 months but any feedback would be appreciated. About 3 weeks ago I sent my ex an email saying I dont think we should talk for a while until I get over the whole situation, this went well and I started to feel better. Last week he came home to drop of the rest of my stuff from the unit we shared togather and we managed to have a civil conversation.


That morning he phoned me at 3am saying he thought I might be out and wanted to catch up, he made a point of saying he wasnt at the pub but had stayed at a friends house until the pub closed, I told him I was in bed and he apologised for waking me. Well ofcourse that conversation got my hopes up, I went out the next night and ended up drunk dialing him, he then tells me that he doesnt think we should speak for a while (sound familiar?). I am compleyely confused why would he ring me the night before? When I asked him this he said it was to make sure I wasnt out but why wait until the pub shut when he was at his friend house?


I agree that we should not speak for a while but I also know that he will break this evenutually as he always does. I am still in love with him but he has told me that we probably wont get back together, why cant he just tell me that we wont ever and leave it at that!

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