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hmm...my friend..

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Hey....i have a small problem to do with one of my friends....right well, i have a boyfriend of about a month now, but my friend really likes me and really wants me he says and i liked him aswell. so i told him that i couldn't talk to him at the moment cause of it. but hes a really good friend and i don't know what to do about it. he's also friends with my boyfriend which doesn't really help. i know its only a small problem, but i was hoping to hear whut some one else might do if it was them....well thanks...bye xXx

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i'm a very indecisive person....and i keep changing my mind about alot of things, sometimes i like him more sometimes i dont, but i know i still want to be with my boifriend.....i know it all sounds kinda pathetic or silly, i dunno but meh im just confused.....but thanks

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