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Over before it really started

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This is kind of long winded but anyways..


Well here's my situation: I started talking to a girl from work and we had gone out a few times. The first time we had gone out just seemed like a total twist of fate as our other friends bailed out at the last minute. We both really enjoyed ourselves and I decided to just act on my gut feeling and ask if she wanted to hang out again. She seemed more than willing so we hang out and one of friends tags along but we spend most of the day talking and having a good time. Everythings going great, she'd visit me where I worked, or give me a call since I worked nights at the time.


Well fast forward a few weeks later and I'm stuck working on a friday night and she said she would be in the area and so she stopped in and brought some food in. So we eat and chat for a few hours, and now I'm just totally falling for her. So like the next day me being the dork I am can't figure out a decent resteraunt to go to and she offers to just cook me something at my apartment. After we eat I put a movie in and afterwards we talk for a few. I'm trying to figure out where our relationship stands and then she breaks it to me. She's deeply religious, and I'm...well I'm still trying to figure out what I believe, and to sum it up she thought it'd be best to end it before it caused any problems in the future which she knew would happen. I knew about her beliefs before hand, and I kind of avoided bringing it up since I knew it'd be an issue but since she seemed to be persuing me I just assumed she was going to make an exception for me.


Anyways, could it have been something else? I'm confused because even after she told me we probably stop seeing eachother she stuck around for at least 3-4 hours unless she was just trying to let me down slowly or something..


Fast forward to monday we see eachother and say hi and its kind of weird for me and she seems like nothings even happened between us. The rest of the week just seems awkward for me and if we talked it was just idle chit-chat or work related b.s. So this week she had a get together of sorts because she was transfering and she invites me and all my work buddies. I go with a friend and have a good time, so I give her a call afterwards just to say thanks and it was fun and i get her voicemail. Well unexpectidly she calls me back later on in the evening and we talk for about 10 mins. So anyways she's going out of town for a few weeks and she sent me an email saying that maybe I should call her a few times while she's driving to make sure she's awake. I decided to call her a day ahead of time to see when she was leaving and we have a short conversation and she said she'd call me at work.


Sooooo....yeah that where it kind of stand right now. Whether she calls me or not seems like the deciding factor on if I try to persue this again. I do think she is split on wanting to be with someone with the same religious beliefs but at the same time I'm the decent and honest guy she's been looking for. Forgive me if there's no clear question in all of this, it just feels better to get off my chest and I think I hit the jackpot finding such a sweet girl. I just don't like how it kind of ended prematurally.

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well into wht religious group does she belongs?becaus eto tell you the truth there are religion that requires their members to marry the same member of the religion community so better tell me first okay?


at one hand, it seem staht both of you are in the "deciding stage" better exert more effort for her to feel it and for you to know what u truly feels about her....

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