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developing feelings = rejection?


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I think you did the right thing, you can't be expected to never know where you stand indefinitely and you were right to be honest. Your also right to wait for her reply and she probably does need some time.

Everyone has to trust someone sometime and hopefully because of you totally honest way she will see that there is a future and that you can be trusted.

Whatever happens dont feel bad. You did the right thing at the right time. Good Luck.. I hope it all works out for you.

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I realize your situation and sometimes pursuing a girl will benefit to where they accept you. However most cases this isn't so, or at least from what I have experienced. No doubt, everyone feels and thinks differently according to their nature but I display myself in a way to let women know that I'm interested and that I'm a catch. I try to increase their attraction to me and develop the charisma that I am something they are lucky to be associated with (they benefit, not me)... not me trying to pursue her to PROVE to her that I am worthy.. see my logic? I think that by asking her for a serious commitment even though you knew she was confused about realtionships (b/c she was hurt), might have been a bad move. Why, because you are basically saying.. I am really into you and I want to prove that I am worthy enough to be your partner.. might not seem so to you, but that is the freakin truth.


If a girl was "into" you then you could visually see the attraction that she has for you. She would go out of her way, do nice kind things for you, and other things to show her interest. When she says something like "eventually" you will meet her parents.. what is she really trying to tell you??? Cause women say one thing but interpret it in a different code.. a different signal. My advice is to lay low for a bit.. let her decide what she wants to do since you already put yourself out there... what you do need to prove to her thought, is that you don't NEED her.. that you would be just fine without her and that she benefits by being part of your personal reality without telling her or looking concieded.

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