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this is wat happened. my ex and i broke up about a year and a half ago. Since than, we still talk once in awhile and do things that we shouldn't be doing. about a few weeks ago he told me that wat we were doing wasn't right and that we should stop. I didn't have a problem with that.


But just a few nights ago, we were online talking when he sent me this quote and we started kinda arguing wat happened in the past. it upsetted me so much that i left the house for a walk. He obviously saw that, and next thing i know he's at my house. he called me and asked me to come back to the house. I was gona suggest we walk but then he said to go inside and talk. Yet, we didn't really talk but instead he offered me a massage. but it was more than more than that.


tonite, i txted him because i needed help with some errrands, but he just changed on me. his attitude and stuff. saying that he's standing up for himself n that he can't do me any more favors when i never asked for any in the first place. I don't know what happened and he's not telling me. he just want me to leave him alone. i wish i could but till this day i still care about him and he knows that from the day we broke up till now. So whats happening someone please help me. its driving me nuts.

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You'd be very naiive not to see that he's using you for sex.


He came up to talk to you and you ended up having sex.

You want a favour and he doesn't think it's right for you two, to be talking.

But he'll happily give you a massage.. and sex, of course.

He may aswell phone you up and ask you: "Are you up for a good seeing to?".


Don't let him use you.


Cut all communication, and find a man that will love you, for who you are, what you do and everything in between.


Good Luck and take care.

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