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What can i do -NC?

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hi there,


thanks for stopping by. Well today that i found from my friend that she thinks im too needy and smother her too much. so im going to stop all that cause we are on a break. She doesnt make the first move of contacting me except for today(she only imed). I kept the conversation short and simple and had to go. So im doing the NC thing until she makes the first move and misses me. Thanks for everything. Any inputs, would be great?

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When your ex says things like "your smothering her, too needy", you need to give her some space and allow her to do what she needs to do to think about things.


Don't contact her, let her call you because if you call her, you will seem "needy". You don't want her to be right about you being needy at this time. Then she could change her mind about the break the two of you are on.

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