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Hey guys, okay this is a stupid question...LOL... I have been pregnant twice and you would think I know the answer to this questions already, but anyways my question is How can you tell when your most fertile?? I mean I was obviously fertile when I got pregnant with my other 2 kids, but I just never knew and I really dont want to go buy those little test things to find out...LOL... Well.... please let me know, thank you!!!

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Generally "half way through" only applies if you are close to a 28 day cycle.


It is usually two weeks before the start of your period. But even then women can vary. Generally, if you are trying to conceive, you would have sex two days before your ovulation, as well as the morning of just in case...or at least a day before so the sperm are waiting. Then a day after just in case you are ovulating later.


What I advise though is you look into learning how to check your cervical mucous and chart it through month to discover your OWN most fertile cycle. When you are most fertile, your mucous will be thinner and more of an egg-white consistency to allow sperm to get through, and your cervix will also be softer. There are some great sites geared towards pregnancy that would teach you about this in their forums too. This is a much more specific way of determining your most fertile periods then guessing!

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So is it not possible to get pregnant right before your period??? I guess when I had my children I never paid attention....


Yes it IS possible, as while usually you ovulate midcycle, this is NOT always the case, some women even ovulate twice a cycle. Sometimes you don't ovulate at all, and sometimes you are just plain irregular.


You can ALWAYS get pregnant no matter when it is is in your cycle, as you can never be too sure without tests and watching your body closely (mucous/cervix) and so on.

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