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How to make your girl more interested in a quickie

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We talking a quickie with a gf or a random stranger? Personally i think quickies with my bf are good fun now and again makes a change, the only way you can make someone want a quickie is if they are just dying to have sex with u too, quickies don't really work well one sided.

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Have to agree...quickies usually don't work one sided... at least not for women... we take a lot to be arroused... sorry.. thats the way the good-lord built us....


However,,,,, if there's been lots of sexual tension....through out the day, or whatever.... or if you are somewhere where speed and stealth are of the essense.. quickies can be fun. LOL... lots of fun.


Or if your partner was a bit more experienced...and just wanted to make you happy .... because there was no time for anything else but a quickie...then a quickie is GREAT.... I personally like quickies for this reason... lol... like to make em quiver and know that u did that for them... lol....

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Excuse me? They don't do anything for the woman? Pshah! A guy that I relish from head to foot can get a quickie from me anytime. I want to be close to him and if he does it right, the foreplay can happen before we step into the janitor's closet at the airport. I'm hot for this guy who knows how to look at me right - it's seductive, I feel I'm the only one and it makes me purr. Actually, when we lock gazes, i feel like we're already having sex.

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To have someone that can just look at you and make you melt... make you not care who is around or where you are at or what you have to do in 5 minutes. To know that they want you and only you right then and there... absolutely fabulous!

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KSKM... I agree with you 100%. I didn't mean that they didn't work for women.. I meant that we just take a lot longer to totally satifify.


I agree with your other posts... absolutely love making them "Happy" its like watching a fire works display on the 4rth of July and I'm the one who pulled the trigger. Major Major fun.


And recipirocity at a later date... HECK YES... have to have the favor returned. Actually, you can turn it into a game... give him that look that says.."I'm about to rock your world.." and watch them melt. OR... see the little devilish twinkle playing in their eyes that say's "Its your turn."


And a quickie can be lots of fun. Fun can be had by all.

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