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alright, me and my girlfriend have ben dating for about 6 months now, a few weeks ago she went home for the summer and she is 15 hours away from me and she wont be back for another 2 months, we talk everyday on the phone and everything but we dont really have good conversations on the phone, most of the time ther eis alot of silence on the phone. she says that sometimes she cant hear me when i talk, which i can believe b/c i am a soft speaker. but the other day i asked her why we dont talk that much and she said that maybe we have ran oput of things to talk about, im not sure what she means by that, i dont know if that is good or bad. if someone could help me out on this i would be very greatful. thank you for any advice

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she is 15 hours away


15 hours away? Holy crap man, is she on a space mission in Ursa Minor or what?


OK here is what you can do........I would suggest looking on the internet for couples quizzes to take, or trivia games you can play, the news, etc, things you guys can talk about.


Another thing you can do is go to google and type something in like "Questions to ask significant other" or something of that nature.


When she says you have run out of things to talk about, thats not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes that happens. She was just stating a fact you know.

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Why don't you reduce the calls to every other day or something? I know my life is not interesting enough to talk to anyone every day and try to tell them what I had for supper and what socks I'm wearing. Add to that the shared feeling of helplessness and missing each other.

I dated a woman 2000 miles away for quite a while and eventually got really tired of the:

"Hi, boy it sure sucks that you are far away...sigh"

"Yeah it sure does...sigh"

*sound of phone bill getting larger*


"ok bye"


You're in a long distance realtionship for the time being, so you guys may have to adjust your thinking a bit.

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I agree with the last post... reduce the amount of calls!!!! Agree to talk at length every 2 or 3 days.... or once a week maybe. That isn't to say you can't call randomly if something amazing happens or you just want to say "hi".... but keep those calls short... 10-15 min tops.


In addition, talking to her every day is just going to a) make you miss her more and b) make the time go by soooo much slower. What you need to do is occupy yourself with something else... a hobby or work, etc. It will make the days and then the weeks go by so much faster.

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first off thank everyone for the advice,it has worked. but when i call her i always ask her how she slept and how her night was, now she dosent always ask me aboput my night or what i am going to do later, to me that tellls me that she dosent care that much either about me or what i am goin to be doin.

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well i have same problem with my bf, we talk everyday online and we discuss the same topic over and over again its too boring that i mostly get quiet to the point that he thought i have taken him for granted!


maybe its the same with the both of u? you may have been talking about same topic and issue everytime u talk on the phone? i would suggest for u to cut down the call to her and avoid repeating the same questions to her everytime you call her...


Goodluck =)

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