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Mortgages will tear us apart

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19 hours ago, Helpless-homelife said:

I've raised the switch idea and my husband just says that we can live in this house until his parents are ready to leave. Then starts into "people have been raised with less" etc... which 100% they have but my husband and I have good jobs and if he hadn't bought their house we wouldn't be in this situation at all 

Is your husband a hoarder too?  Not sure how small your home is now, but quite honestly, great time to sell...horrible time to buy.  His folks are relatively young, and I can see how you feel it's like throwing money away, since they may live another 20 years.  I second, counseling and a meeting with a financial advisor.

By the time your kid goes to college, give or take the age, it will be around 300+K for them!   The parents really should be consolidating instead of leaving a house of garbage for him to throw out.

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