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I hate when I’m chatting with a guy on a app, and he tells me how dating apps aren’t working for him, and how women don’t put in effort. Telling me that the connections he makes never go any where! Typing these longgg paragraphs pouring out his heart, wanting me to be interested in him etc… Then he goes ghost ??? What a pathetic liar that’s why I can’t stand men! Yes I do have a roster men! Why do men do this ?

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What's the part you hate, exactly? People using apps to diss apps, or that dude faded out? I certainly get how this can be frustrating, but I'm not quite getting the "pathetic liar" part. 

If you can't stand men, it's probably best to not use dating apps to talk to them. That in itself is a recipe for unhappiness. On the other hand, if you find it tedious when people on apps drone on in pixilated paragraphs about how lame apps are you are under no obligation to engage, so perhaps some fine-tuning of your own app habits might be in order? 

Can only speak for myself, but I used the apps to meet people in person, and made that clear after a handful of texts. Those who wanted to type paragraphs were free to move on to someone else, as I didn't have the bandwidth to go there. Made it all a lot less complicated, and prevented bitterness from hardening around the edges.

Anyhow, what you're describing is not a "men" thing, I don't think, but a people thing. People are weird, and annoying, and the apps can certainly offer a front row seat to all that weirdness. But people are astoundingly wonderful too, and apps can help in meeting them, so there's that. Maybe save the paragraphs for face to face and your view on men might soften a bit? 

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