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Been a while since I’ve posted, I’ve done a lot of self improving and taking care of myself.

So it’s been about 6 months since my ex gf of a year left me.

We go to the same school and it’s exam time, I’ve only seen her once and we did not communicate in any way.

So today I was walking through the library and I so happened to see her and I walked the other way.

She did not see me I don’t think.

I have not seen her in a long time and just that one glance that one second of my life shut me down completely and I really just let it to get to me that there she was.

I hate that I didn’t speak to her but part of me thinks why should I give her the time of day and then the other half of me thinks I should have just talked to her.

If I’m being completely honest I’m not over her or the relationship in general and the thought of talking to her just scares the out of me for whatever reason.

It sucks because it only took her 4 months to move on to someone else, which I mean by now I would have thought I’d be with someone else but everyone moves on differently and I really hope that she is happy.

Meanwhile I just feel miserable right now and I don’t even know how to fake a conversation with someone I spent a year of my life with.

Any response will help me

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Yeah, I've been there. Kept running into my ex at school for a year and a half, and then ran into her a couple of times after college. Had to smile and ask how she was doing and then excuse myself. What can you do? I still miss her in a way but the relationship was all one-sided and it was best that it ended when it did. You need more time. Things will work out.

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