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Talking to my ex?

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So, here it goes.

Thos guy and I began dating, we are on the same school same grade and almost the same friends. Theres this group of girls where one of them is his sister, and I hate them all.

When we were together it was awesome, but it became boring, so after 6 months i ended it.

Now flash foward 3-4 months later, i want him back.

I have already analized wether is just me feeling lonely or whatever but I am determined that it is that I really want to be with him again.

Thing is:

1) He used to be shy and introverted, but now it seems hes way to rebellious. I sdont know wehter is an act or i dont know.

2) Im afraid tht his new best buddies (girls and boys) will thell him to just ignore me, so basically taht it wont work for the peer pressure.

3) I am scared to text him, beacause of rejection and how wrong can things go.


On the other hand I also thing like, f it I am 18, i have a loong life waiting so just tell him, and see what happens, if it works greatm if not t least you tried.. But then insecurities of what people may say behind me haunts me.

And this is so upsetting that I havent eaten in a week, and i am nauseous all the time. So its not justa affecting my mind, but it worries me that its going really bad for my body aswell


Now that uou know my story, what do you think?

Should I just go for it, and if so, HOW?



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Well, keep in mind that you can't force yourself on other people, and while you are interested in him again, he may be over you.


But if you want to go ahead, just ask him if he wants to get coffee with you or get some lunch, or go for a walk. If he says yes, you've got a chance to talk to him alone, and not with a group of people. Then you can ask him if he would like to date you. That way, you're away from all yours and his peer pressure friends and he can decide on his own.


You have the right attitude when you said you have your whole life ahead of you. You will probably have lots of boyfriends by the time you find the love of your life. So you really don't have anything to lose.

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