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Why am I such a timid person!!!????


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I noticed I am a very timid person and I absolutely hate it, I get nervous talking to people, or in groups with people I’m not familiar with and start studdering and sounding stupid. I’m afraid at times to speak up for myself and it can be something so stupid and common sense but my fear makes me mess up and look dumb! I don’t understand myself at all and I need to over come this cause my career can not have people like this! It makes me look dumb I get so Nervous with certain things I shake and I mess up and I look dumb!! Help

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Ah hey.


Have you had any other advise/ help with this?


I went through a stage too when I started going red as I talked to people, especially in a group. Which was strange because I used to be Lil miss socialite and popular but just out of nowhere I became self conscious... But looking back I was dealing with a lot of stress growing as there was quite a bit of domestic violence in the home. Glad to say I moved out and went to university and got away from all that :) I ended up building back some confidence and made friends that never judged me. Liked me for me. Are you hanging around the right people? Do you have a lot going on.


The only way I've learned to overcome this is to remember confidence can be a bit of an act really. As silly as it sounds but smiling helps. I notice sometimes I don't have to say too much and give a smile and helps when talking with people. And once you start speaking up and seeing results it gets easier.


Sounds like your in a cycle and need to find a way to change it. If you are really struggling I've heard lots of people trying cognitive behavior therapy. Ive not tried it but I've looked into it myself to help with anxiety

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Take a speech class . It forces you to be prepared, talk, and make eye contact. I know because I used to be just like you.

Now you can't shut me up. I was the shyest person to be found, hands would sweat, face turn red, heart would skip beats. All the way up til college when I was required to take the speech course. I thought I'd die. I got through it. You can too :)

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