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Confusing situation

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Say that a girl is totally into you. She does things like: holds your hand, dreams about you, cuddles with you, can't wait to see you, misses you if you're gone for an hour, can't stop kissing you, fantasizes about you all day, spontaneously shows up at your house to see you and hook up, gets extremely jealous if she sees another girl even talk to you, writes you letters, makes plans for the future with you, tells you she's head over heels for you, and can't take her eyes off of you. So she seems pretty interested right? Well, then throw in the fact that she has a boyfriend already that has been and on and off rocky relationship. If all this is the case and you are positive she is in love with you, then it would make sense to leave him and go for the new guy that you are crazy about right? But she says she's confused and keeps hiding everything from him and going on with this guy. The thought of the new guy leaving makes her sick to her stomach, but she still won't leave the first guy. Especially since all they do is fight, he has no job, has no future, and is an unappreciative loser. Why wouldn't a girl who is so in love with someone else let go of the first boyfriend when she knows that the other guy feels the same for her? And what would you do if you were the new guy and you are in love with her as much as she is with you? (you want to be with her)

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I would give the girl a strong ultimatum. Threaten to leave, and really leave, if she doesn't get rid of her boyfriend. Don't fool yourself. She'll string you along as long as she could.


StillLoveHer, do you have any proof about your g/f and this other guy having something? But then again, going to dinner with another guy? Sounds like she has no respect for you at all. You can't stay with a girl that has no respect for you.

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