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Does he really wanna go out?


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I work with this guy, and we've been going on dates for a few weeks now. I recently asked him to lay-low at work to not make it obvious and it actually surprised me how much he's seemed to fall back at work. (I guess I can't complain, that's what I asked for.) We planned to go to the movies this weekend and I just asked him about it to finalize the plans. He said he really wants to go but is backed up on rent. When I offered to pay for him, he said okay and that he'll pay for dinner after. I find it weird that he can't pay for a movie ticket but can pay for food. I feel that he didn't expect me to offer to pay, and didn't wanna seem rude by saying no so he just gave in. And once a man told me that if someone wants to see you they'll make it work, so I feel like the rent thing was just an excuse. I mean, a movie ticket costs a lot less than rent. Am I dragging him by bringing him? Or do you think he really wants to go?

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Has he been paying for all or the majority of dates up until this point? I was just talking to a colleague this afternoon and he was asking advice on how he can ask his girlfriend to pitch in a bit, because while he likes her, he just can’t afford all the dates.


Otherwise, could he be confused about your interest level? Since you asked him to back off at work?


If neither of those ring true, then it’s certainly possible that he doesn’t want to go. Although... I don’t know too many guys who will go on dates out of guilt...

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