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Am I reading too much into his actions?


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My ex and I broke up on August 1st and barely spoke for the first 4 months of breakup. We were together for 7 years and had two children together I already had two. He and I lived together for the majority of the time and up until the day he moved out. At the time of The Break-Up we had argued about a few things including him not working and me feeling like everything was left for me to do in the house. He has been doing little things here and there that give me the idea that he may still love me and want me most recently he told his cousin which is one of my closest friends that he wanted to buy me a ticket to see my favorite artist when he came into town for a concert but he didn't want her to tell me that he was the one who purchased it. On Christmas he purchased me a Bath & Body Works lotion body spray and body wash set called "Mad About You". Be confusing thing is that we barely talk and we don't spend time together. Is he just being nice or trying to find a way back into my life?

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Pretty much agree with kbb -

He's the one not working and leaving all the other work to you as well. Why on earth would you care if he was around? No doubt he has feelings for you - feelings that he has messed up and lost his meal ticket and personal maid....


you deserve much better than that. Even being on your own is better than that.

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