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Please hell me what should i do


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So in my last post i asked about what i should do if i should call her or not because we decided to not talk anymore because she said she cant fake this pretending to be couple anymore when i asked for relationship,, after 5 days of no contact i followed my heart and hit her up even though evey message said dont call her,, and as soon as we spoke i got her to once again agree with what i wanted which was we only hook up with each other, hangout and talk like were alrdy talkin which wa lovey dovy,, wat she wanted was for us to do what ever but wel still hook up and hangout and talk but at the same time we can see whoever,, but i wasnt with that.

So we agreed to we will hook up with eachother only and still talk like we were and still continue hanging out but i wont ask for relationship,, 2 days later i have called her and told her for her sake since she always agreed to whatever i wanted even though she really didnt want that im willing to do her deal which is pretty much friends with benefit.

But now my question is I honestly dont want that i fell in love i ed up but i couldnt control it i guess i just said that cause im just tired of lien to myself that she wont hook up with some1 else ,, even tho she swore and even today she told me she hasnt hooked up with no1 but she did also say when we didnt talk it didnt really bother her so why is she still willing to talk to me why is she still doing this its not fair to me.

And im suppose to see her on monday to go out to eat but i feel like im not gonna talk to her how I usually do im not gonna message her i deleted her number if she messages me ill reply but i feel hurt and sad i wasted 7 months i poured my heart out for her and it was all for nothing i chased her like a maniac i really reallly loved her did nothing but be nice to her and tell her about my feelings which i never ever did before and it backed fire.

I know every1s going to say move on but how when shes all im thinking up day and night is there anyway i can get her to change her feelings what should i do,, should i start dating some1 else and still hook up with her to make her jealous or just end this im tired of getting hurt or should i just continue been fwb thank you in advance

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Hasn't she been honest with you from the beginning about what she wants? How is it "not fair" to you when she told you all along she was going to "do whatever" and you even agreed?


And no, please do not use another human being to make her jealous. That would really be "not fair".

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