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Confused about my guy


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Hey guys :) I really need you'r advice. This is my story:

I come from familly where my father was alcoholic, he was violent and he cheated. From that I have trusth issues.. I met this guy 1 year ago and i really love him. He is in many ways like me. In the begining of our love story (this is soo soo silly I know this is nothing but...) he liked his ex-girl picture and that was the girl that he slept the first time. 3 month of our love story my dad died and that was just the knife in the wound. In front of everyone I faked I was ok but inside I was devastated and that affected to my relationship. He was very nice to me. There was always some suprises like wine and candels etc. many many beautiful things that happens only in movie ( so I have thought). Sometimes he lied about some silly stuff but it kicked me really hard, becouse I'we lived my whole life in lies.

I have moved in other country, and he's planing to move here with me. I'm ok with that, and the whole time I've been here he was good. He does not go out as much when he does he texst me i belive him in that level that he will not cheet on me, the only thing I'm worried about is that somethimes I think I'm not enough for him. Like he need from some other girl attencion too. Becouse while I was in old country he looked to another girls a lot. Not always but most of the time. That really hurt. He does say he is happy with me, that he is satisfied with me and I do belive in that becouse of the great things he does for me ( like he visits my grandmother every week becouse she is alone now).

I never felt like he is really satisfied with my physical looks althought we don't have problems in bed.. And another problem is that most of the time does what he likes to do in moment. ( so one time we decided we will go on a piknik in another city, and we had to wake up really early about 7 o'clock, and when he got home his friend called him to come to his haus on party and he went and came home like 3 in the morning.)

I'm really confused abouth everything last several months, so I need you'r help. I'm scared to vaste my best years of life in this love story if we are going to split at the end.


I need someone from the side to see real picture. P.S. sorry for my bad english and Thank you a lot :) :)

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Well, your boyfriend sounds like a great guy, but your fears and paranoia, plus your controlling behavior could scare him away. You've got to relax and enjoy the moment. Stop thinking about him lying or cheating on you. Stop trying to guilt him by having him text you every time he goes out or every time he talks to a girl. All you will do is break up the relationship. Guys will look at other girls until the day they die, so stop fixating on that, You just have to hope that he will move to your country to be with you. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. But it sounds like you've got a good boyfriend so far.

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