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Meaning? Why would she care


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We was together for 7 years I’m 26 she’s 23 so we got together when we was young n she broke up with me week or so ago n I kinda put the break up down to GIGS and boredom...


Broke up with me over txt/phone call which imo is disgusting but oh well, I tried begging n pleading but it didn’t work then she sent me a long txt ‘how it’s for the best, don’t make her happy etc’ so I just put ‘ok’ and went out, came back to my phone to 3 txts from her ‘yh?’ ‘have you blocked me?’ ‘take that as a yes then’ then she made her sister WhatsApp me asking if I’ve blocked her etc n it’s made me confused n got me thinking like why the f would it matter if I’ve blocked her or not? Shoe on other foot n I did dumping I wouldn’t care if she put ‘ok’ n I’d just move on, she knew I was upset bout this so not sure why she sent that?


Another thing I have few PJ’s etc at my house so I said pick them up from mine I’ve left them outside next to my gate, she said she doesn’t want them burn or throw them, next day I get a txt asking where her stuff is as it’s not outside her house... She said she doesn’t even want it n she knew I said it was at my house.


It’s just confusing me because she is the one telling me never to contact her again etc which is fine as currently 5 days NC, but these txts are confusing me like why would it matter if blocked her or not lol? Obviously I’m hurt and I wanna know real reason why she broke up but it’s defo getting easier each day passes.

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I had go to back and reread your post because this honestly sounds like the actions of a 16 year old girl not a 23 year old women...

For whatever reason she is trying to illicit a reaction out of you, and is acting out because you did not give in. Beware of women who blow hot & cold or "break up" in order to create more drama. It seems to me like she just wanted you to beg for her back but because you are keeping it cool her plan went awry.


Considering you have been in a relationship for that long it is very strange behavior (assuming this is the first time it's happened) and I have NO idea what the motive is but I would ignore her antics and respectfully say if she wanted to separate, then you need your space and for her to politley stop contacting you.

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Indeed I mean I’d understand if we had only been together for a few months but for her to act like this after we’ve been together for 7 years is kinda making me think it’s a blessing in disguise.


Obviously I taken for her granted etc but I would never treat her like this just hurts me like I’ve never cheated, hit her, not even shouted at her and I’m getting walked on like I’m trash.


Appreciate the reply.

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No problem OP. You sound like a very level headed, easy going guy. Great that you were able to keep your composure with her despite the fact that you are hurting. I have been on the end where I am begging for the other person not to end things but tbh it just disrespects yourself and NOBODY is worth it!!


And even though it may be hard to swallow, it's true, it may be a blessing to see this nasty side of her. Whatever happens between you two all that matters is that you stay true to yourself. Once she realizes you won't entertain her games, my guess is she will be crawling back. Just be wary going fourth now that you've seen this side pf her,Good luck.

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After a 7 year LTR, she broke up with you over txt/phone. That means that she is an immature, selfish, disrespectful coward. And you are trying to decipher her behaviour? Well the answer is because she is an immature, selfish, disrespectful coward trying to validate her actions by getting a rise out of you. Do yourself a favor. Delete and block her and her sister and stay away from her friends and social media. You lost nobody special.


Chances are that the relationship was indeed in trouble and you did make mistakes that you need to learn from. However, no mature person breaks up over txt. It takes someone who is very immature, very selfish and a big coward. These are all major character flaws you don't want in a partner. Taking back anyone who is capable of discarding people like that would be a major mistake imo. Learn from the communication failures but don't go back.

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