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Me and my ex


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So today would have been 9 months with my ex but we split 2 days ago. His entire reason for the breakup was he feels like he cant be himself around me which he says he is an and just says whatever to people. And he feels like im not as outgoing and would take it the wrong way and shut him out. Also saying it would be wrong of him to ask me to change. His other reason was he wants me to be closer to his family mom, sister, etc and i don't seem to be warming up to the as much as i should. He also went back in forth saying he would help me to be more open to his family and that he wanted to give his relationship another chance and give him time to think about things. Then he says he cant do this again 🤷🏽♀️.



Now his mom is very judgmental and so is his dad and they make me uncomfortable. And they have not rolled out the red carpet as to being very open to me only say hello and thats it. He also hasn't took the time to really spend alot of time with my family. I dont know why he wants me to be so serious with his family when we had only been together 8 months? Can anyone help me understand?

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He may feel pressure from his family but also he may be super close to his family. Sometimes we have unreal dreams that our significant other needs to clique right away with their family.

I do agree with him that he should not try to change you but at the same time this is something you may want to examine in yourself and assure yourself you are happy with the way you are with families of your people.

Don’t let anyone guilt you into being someone you aren’t. Hope this helps

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