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Let me (F 20) know that I am not crazy about this ; relationship troubles


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My bf (18 ) and I (19) have been dating almost a year and a half. Right now I think we're about to break up, but he wants me to give him more time. I keep telling him that I am done.


- He was abused by his family so I think he wanted to feel loved, which is where I come in...

- Thus I think I fell in love with him in a false way

- He pushed too much (currently still happens)

- He wanted me to do everything for him

- I had to drive all the time when I did not want to

- I was abused mentally, emotionally, sexually, physically (some of this happens now)

- He started to scare me when he got angry at me (some of this happens now)

- He hounds me when he wants information

- When I am by myself all I want to do is leave the relationship (this happens all the time)

- On our first year anniversary I ended up getting slapped in the face because of an argument

- The last two months we have been arguing relentlessly

- I am just anxious all the time (happens now)


Anyway, this list does not go into detail about anything, but an over arching idea. We are approaching month 17 and he is now starting to "really change" for the better of our relationship. But I don't care at this point. He wants me to wait more, but I have told him I already did my time here.

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You are not crazy, and the best gift you can give yourself is to be done and not look back.

They all promise change when they fear losing you.

It's okay for a bit, then it reverts right back to the same behaviors.


Close the door to this, and prepare yourself to be bombarded with begging, pleading, and

multiple calls/ texts/ etc to try to win you back. Ignore it, and eventually it will stop.

Get the support of family and friends to see you thru this.


Keep this list you wrote as a reminder to stay strong when you leave, and not let him break you.

Firmly tell him it's over, and don't keep a conversation going. He will try to manipulate you.

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I'll be honest. I stopped reading at the abusive bullet point. My ex gf had the same thing in a previous relationship, and it gave us trouble in ours. So get out of that. I can tell that you're a good person, and a man, or boy in your case, should never abuse any woman. Especially his own. So get out of that, take some time to detox, and find a better guy, because he's out there!

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