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Ex boyfriend always starting arguments

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To give you a better understanding,I'll give you the story from the start as shortly as possible.

My first love and I have been broken up since 2006. Before that we were together for 4 years and were high school sweethearts. But he was moved out of state due to back at home issues After high school, he would bring in marriage, baby, and moving in together a lot. I was not ready for that type of commitment, because I wanted to find myself first before settling down. I tried to break it off so many times. He would beg me to not leave him or he would cry. I felt pressured, so I let him know that I think we need a break from another. He didn't want to let me go, but he said he will respect it because he doesn't want to push me away further. We continue to converse as friends. He started talking to another girl and I was talking to another guy. And he said you know when we break up with our partners we are going to get married right? I just laughed it off and said ok whatever. I told him that when we were together, I met someone else. It was on a more emotional connection. I never physically cheated just emotionally. He was pissed and said he doesn't even care anymore. We stopped for about a year and he called me. And we tried rekindling our romance. I was more maturer and was ready to move in with him. He became more of a jerk. He was not the guy I fell in love with. The calls I used to get wasn't as much as it was. Attitudes with me. Smart remarks. The conversations weren't the same. I told him you're not the same anymore. You're a jerk now. He said, it's going to take some time for me to get back to where I was. I brought up us moving in together and he agreed. Then disappeared on me. 2 years later, we found each other on Facebook,exchange numbers, catching up on old times. He was in a relationship. I was talking to someone. He did not believe me so he asked my niece,who he was close with,was I in relationship. And she said, she didn't know. I grabbed the phone and I said what did you ask her and he said I wanted to know if you were in a relationship. Why you lie to me? I said I didn't lie to you. I am talking to someone and my niece doesn't need to know about every detail in my life until I get to that point. And he said you're always talking to someone. I said if I am,what's it to you? He said do you think we'll get back together? I said I don't think so. He said why not? I said you're not the same anymore and neither am I. We are just on two different paths. And I asked don't you have a girlfriend? He said oh her? I said wow. If you can say that about her then you can say that about me. Moving onto several months later I find out he moved in her and I said wow ok. He said what. I said you moved in with her. I'm just thinking about when I wanted you to move in with me. He said to be honest with you..Based off our past experience,I thought you would renege on moving in together so I backed off. I said you won't ever let me forget the past. You didn't even give it a try. He said well we both moved on right? I said yea even though deep down it wasn't true. I didn't want to say because I had to let go at that moment to allow him to test the relationship out. After that,he wouldn't hit me up as much. And when we talked,he was being an a-hole. So I stopped talking to him. So fast forward to 2017 early this year...He finds me Instagram. My name is not on there so he must have had my cell number which is synced to it. I said to myself..Cool. He must be ready for a friendship. We talked a couple of times via social media. He moved back to where he was originally from,and I was going to visit family there. And asked did he want to see me and he said yes. But yet again, he still wants to come off as a jerk and wants to argue. So my last straw came when I posted a video on Snapchat saying,"Why put off on something you can do today? Why wait until new year to do what you can do today? I'm going to continue to lose weight, going back to school, and get the man (him) I'm supposed to be with." He didn't know I was talking about him though. So he responds to the video saying, "Don't you think you're too old to go back to school?" I said,don't you think you need to mind your business? So we get into an argument. I'm pissed at this point. So he makes a video saying that why people get mad when they post something on social media and says it's not your business? He was being petty at this point. So I deleted him,because I'm drained from it all. I did want to see if we could rekindle our romance but it seems as though he just wants to argue with me. What's the point in finding me to argue?

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