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Lost what I thought a special friend


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Me and this guy been friends for 15 years and just a couple of months ago during the summer he confessed his feelings for me. The feeling was mutual but I wasn't never going to tell him because I didn't want to jeopardize our friendship because it meant so much to me. So, clearly I just came out of a 7 year relationship which nearly crushed me and he wanted to be in a relationship but I knew it wasn't going to work because the relationship I got out of was turmoil. Fast forward I gave it a try things were going he had my attention and I was happy by the effort he was putting in me. So we together even though I haven't healed from my previous relationship so every little thing that reminded me of my ex I threw it in his face which pushed him away after several attempts. If I'm wrong about anything I can own up to my wrongs which is what I did. So eventually we wasn't together but we were working on getting back together so I knew I wanted to be with him so I straighten up because I didn't want to lose him. So after so many attempts to show him I changed he wasn't feeling it anymore it got to a point he stop calling and texting all the sweet stuff he was doing just went away so I started to fee used and played because I gave myself to him and it's like he didn't have to try anymore. Long story short I changed because I wanted to be with him but he lied to me about his phone situation saying he lost phone and didn't have internet access but would be at the library but Everytime he emailed me it kept coming up as a Android signature and when I asked him about it he waited 5 days to contact me back and tried to give me this lame poor excuse as to why but I wasn't buying it. So now I basically told him about himself he got mad and told me to go on bout my life he don't want to hear from me again. It's now been a month since we talked and I'm not going to lie I miss him but those memories pops up in my head how he did me because he didn't have to do me like that we were friends first before anything I figured he would have the balls to tell me he didn't want me. Do you think I should reach out to him or just forget him and the history we had

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Well, you threw a curve ball at the end of your message. You basically figured out that you had ruined your relationship but then you accused him of playing you! You ruined it. You burnt him out. He didn't want to go through what you were putting him through. She realized he was just hitting his head against the wall with you and he had to stop.


I don't know if you can salvage the relationship, but you should bring him flowers or something he likes and you should tell him all this that you wrong in your message, and you should apologize and tell him how you miss him and love him and that you're very sorry. You might at least be able to salvage your friendship. Good luck.

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