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Will she come after me?


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A little backstory:


I met this girl like 1 month ago. I said that she should come back with me from the bar. We ended up just exchanging numbers. She's been wishy washy, but has always texted back and met with me. She's done things like saying "maybe" to going to the bars, but has met up with me today on an actually lunch date. After eating i did not really touch her or make a move on her. At the end our date earlier today i said give me a kiss and she said ok. I tried kissing her but she didn't actually do it. She just has her mouth close and is smiling. I then said "you don't want to kiss me?" and she said "I do want to kiss you". Then i kissed her. She seems to be passionate about it by rubbing my back. After a while she was the one that ended the kiss. I then proceed to leave and say she should come downtown. She says she's gonna be with her friends and that she might see me there.




Fast forward like 6 hours: I texted this girl and said she should come to the bar (its really packed). She said that she's in there. I say "its packed" and "where are you". She does not respond and the bar is now 30+ mins closed. I then say thanks for the weed she's given me, that i'm sorry if i was too pushy at her apartment earlier, and it was nice to meet her. She then instantly messages me saying "that the line was too long" and "you too" (referring to me saying it was nice to meet me). She seems to misspell things




What are the chances that she'll come to me after saying that and never messaging her? Is that better than saying nothing at all? I wanted to draw a line that I feel that she's not really interested, and that i'm going to move on. I don't know if it was better to not say anything at all. Do you think she'll be interested later?

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Probably not that much if you are texting her all the time, asking her wheather or not she wants to kiss you, and meeting up for lunches which is more for like friends/coworkers...


I think you would have shown her you are way to into her, but I get that...She must have been really attractive....


Also, if she was out with her friends, she probably just wanted to hang out with them and not someone she really does not know yet or be judged by her girlfriends...They would probably be all pissed off at her if she was just hanging out with you and ditching them...


I would have just gotten her number, did my own thing, and then just call her later the following week ask ask her out on a date in the evening sometime...


At the beginning, not reaching out at all is not a good idea. At least reach out once a week or so for the first bit as most women don't want to be the first to reach out to a guy....However, after things go well and she feels more comfortable she most likely would be reaching out more and more.....

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