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Not sure if I am lesbian or bisexual.

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I met a girl at work and there was an instant connection. We started slowly but got on so well we thought we would just go with it. Up to this point I had not been with another girl but had been interested. There is a 17 year age gap which didn't matter to us at the start. We had 4 really great months and then it went wrong for no reason. She broke up with me and we have both struggled but have agreed to stay apart because of the age difference. I have kids and she may want her own at some point. I now realise that I was interested in girls all along just had not been in a situation where I could be open about it before. I have been asked so many times which way I'll go now that I have been stressing out questioning myself. My ex has been great and says it doesn't matter and just to embrace whatever comes next but it does matter. I like to know what is going to happen next and I would quite like to have an answer when I get asked next. How the hell do I fimd this out?

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