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He's someone I haven't met yet.


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We said we'd meet a few times but it's not planned yet.


I hate how much I like him, it's disturbing my peace of mind and is making me want to put off important things like work (I work for myself so I can't get motivation from colleagues). Also, it seems like I have lost interest in hanging out with other people- not that I have friends to hangout with but like family, since they make up the majority of people I spend time with. Anyway, we haven't talked in days and I feel very sad and I miss him but he doesn't seem to care about me as much because he's not bothered to message me anymore?. I just feel intense sadness like I lost something in my life and I'm trying to cope with this but it is lot harder than I thought it would be. Thoughts?

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So are you saying you met someone online but you really haven't met each other yet? I'm guessing the guy is dragging his feet about actually meeting? It may be because he's not what he says he is and is just leading you on. If I met someone online, I would sure want to see them in person as soon as possible so I would know if there's a real attraction there.


Convince yourself that this isn't a real relationship, that this is a fantasy in your mind. You're lonely, and you've let your imagination run wild. He's just a figment of that imagination and he's probably been lying to you. Try to focus back on your work and your family.

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