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Should I stay or go?


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I have never turned to any thing like this , but I feel so alone and need some outside perspective. I am currently in a relationship with a guy named Austin. We had split for a few months and got back together this last march . During our split my sons father and I almost got back together , then austin came back begging and I took him back because he's one of the few men I had ever loved besides my sons father and he promised me so much . ( my sons father and I had a rocky past) . Austin and I always rode Harley's together and my sons dad knew how much I enjoyed riding so my sons dad went as far as buying a Harley to try to get me back . Well Austin had sold his Harley due to a close friend wrecking and passing about a year ago so we had stopped riding . Well last month my sons dad wrecked and died on the Harley he had bought to try and win me back with . I swore I would never ride again, I'm all my son has he is 6 years old . Today Austin the guy who I chose over my sons father , the guy who is always there for me no matter what went behind my back and bought a Harley , knowing how bad my son and I are grieving the loss of his dad who just passed away from a Harley. Austin had talked about getting one again and I had too before the passing of my Ex last month. Austin now says he's "not putting his life on hold " because of my sons fathers passing on the bike . I feel as though austin can't possibly care at all to have watched my son and I go through what we just did and be buying a bike this soon. Last month my son seen his dad in a casket because of a motorcycle, and now the only other guy he looks up to goes out of his way to get one . I want to just leave and run but I love him and I'm so torn on what I do . Any advice would be well appreciated

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