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First time taking plan B


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So here's the situation.

This past weekend I went to a wedding with my bf. Once we got back to the hotel we had sex but we both didn't notice the condom slipped off till after we were done.

So long story short, my bf immediately went to go buy plan b and I took it as soon as he came back.

This is my first time taking it and I'm just a little freaked out I might be pregnant since I don't really know what to expect after taking it.

It's been around 3 or 4 days since I took it and I feel slight period like symptoms and I'm a little bloated.

So for those experienced with taking it, is there anything to worry about ? Are those normal symptoms when you take the pill?

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You are probably fine. I took it once after a condom broke, and I had no issues thereafter.


As for the symptoms you're experiencing - could you be more specific? What sort of symptoms do you have?


It's nothing too painful or drastic as the things I've read online.

I'm just a little bloated basically and I get that feeling when your period is coming and you feel some cramps.

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Is this the morning after pill ? plan B ?


I haven't taken it , but a friend of mine once came round to mine having taken it and she was in quite a bit of pain , brought on her period with quite bad cramps ..so what you are saying sounds like a milder version . As with most things , they affect us differently .


I'm pretty sure it was plan b. And yes I read also that everyone's different of course.

My main concern is just being pregnant or not. I think I'm not but it's just freaking me out.

I just need a peace of mind.

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