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Can I get some advice?


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I'm looking for advice regarding something.

I've been speaking to a girl for 10 months and I started feeling something for her recently. A few days ago she said to me that she can't find a guy like her friend, and o started to feel devastated she wasn't even considering me, but basically at that moment I had to tell her how I feel. She basically said she loves me as a friend.

So, does this mean that if I did the right things and stuff, is there still a chance of her ever falling in love with me? I have hope that it could happen but I have no experience in love or relationships whatsoever. I'm 18 and I've never been with a girl or fallen In love like this. I've just never really focused on trying to find a girl but recently I started to feel for this girl and I have a stomach ache every time i think she could find someone else or whatever... And everything that comes attached... But yeah as I say I've never been with a girl, I have no dating experience, I've never kissed a girl or did it with a girl etc. Etc.


Can someone leave me some advice? I'd just like to know what my chances are, and whether I should just attempt to move on or carry on going for it? I feel like if I did for a long time it could work but I can't be sure.


Thanks for reading!

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You have been friend zoned. It's nearly impossible to get out. I can't give you advice to get out of it with her but you need to ask yourself these questions.


Am I ok with just being friends?

If I tell her I can't just be friends am I ok with losing her for good?

Can I break contact with her to try and get her to miss me in a romantic way?

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Yup the friend zone is almost always something that you stay in. If you're not okay with just being friends and you're sticking around just because you love her, it's only going to hurt more and more... especially when she thinks you are okay with being friends and she tells you about someone she likes.

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If I moved on and found someone else then maybe I'd be ok with just being friends but it's not like that'll ever happen, and it's simply too soon.. I don't feel like I should just go and find someone new cause it wouldn't be fair on the other girl... This girl I fell in love with, we spoke for 10 months and it would be hard to let go.... And yeah well she told me that she can't find anyone, and then I told her... Before that she didn't know I had feelings for her. She basically didn't expect it. But yeah what is a way to get out of the friendzone? If there is one

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