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Hi. I need some help.

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Lets get straight to it...


I've known this girl for about a year. Her names Zoe. We met when i started working in a mobile phone shop part time. She worked full time and is about 3 years older than me. I'm 17 and she is 20.




I saw Zoe for the first time ever and went wobbly at the knees in love. She is gorgeous, a great personality and such a beautiful smile.


I didn't think i had a chance even saying hi to her but a year has gone and we are best friends.


Going round each others houses or her flat and watching movies, eating out etc. Really great.


I recently told her that there was someone that i had fallen for. A good friend that was so special to me i didn't want to risk losing her so i wouldn't tell her. To Zoe's knowledge she thinks it is someone else, not knowing that the girl i'm in love with is actually her.


She told me to go for it and tell her, so i said i would.


Before i tell Zoe what i feel about her and surprise her with how i felt, i needed to see if she felt the same about me.


There were signs - alot of eye contact, i told her i wuv her in a message and she told me that she wuved me to. I meant Loved i don't know if she meant that aswell.


We have got into a routine of texting each other "Night Night babe xxx Sweet Dreams xxx" every night, and in the morning it is "Morning Gorgeous xxx" etc.


We even have pet names, i call her princess and she calls me model Joe.


This does sound pretty stupid i would have to agree but there are meanings behind the names.


Anyway to finish the signs off i saw Zoe the other day and we met up round hers. I said that i hadn't told the girl and she said 'how come?' i said that it was a risk i didn't wanna take as i could lose too much... so she said "well maybe she feels the same"


Now does that mean anything or am i just looking for something thats not there.


Should i tell Zoe how much i feel for her or should i just leave it?


Do you think that there are enough signs for her maybe to feel the same about me?


Please write back cus i'm in a mess trying to work it out.


I need some advise.



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It sounds like she really likes you back man. Just tell her how you feel. I bet she already knows that shes the girl you have been talking about, or at least suspects it. It sounds like you two have a great relationship. It won't be ruined if you ask, you two sound like you REALLY enjoy each other's company. Come on man...with everything I have read about you and her...it will work out. Good Luck!

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