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Broke up with her but miss her

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Hey guys, I ended things with a girl first, realized I couldnt stand her criticism and rude attitude towards me all the time. I still miss her a lot, especially at night. She was a lot of fun. I only ended things because we argued like crazy and the amount we argued so early on was a warning sign. I ended things with her because i was walking on eggshells a lot of the times. She said some crazy stuff, like me breaking up with her "would be the biggest mistake of my entire life" I feel pretty bad because this girl liked me a lot. I tried to let her down easy by saying were both just not made for each other and we had a lot of confrontations (always brought up by her on me not treating her to her expectations, gut feeling was she was high maintenance, at least for me anyways and i couldn't stand being nagged at all the time, it made me not want to listen)


I'm wondering some tips where I can move on from her faster and how i can become her friend slowly because we are in the same program at school.


Status: right now she definetly hates me, is definetly going to have a grudge for some time, what's the best way to encounter this?

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I wouldn't recommend being friends. I find this funny; person who leaves 1st is painted as the bad guy, as though that person has no feelings. I walked away from my ex because I knew we would never be good for each other. That was very hard to do. The only thing that'll help you is time and always focus on the negatives of the relationship (that's what I did and it helped). Dating again right away was not the answer, I met some guy in a bar and we exchanged numbers, I ended up not going out w/him though and I bawled my eyes out after the night I met him. Find yourself, involve yourself in something you enjoy, there isn't a cure all for heartache.

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