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Long & Strong Relationship Facing Reality?


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I have been with my current boyfriend for almost 5 years and we have had our ups and downs like everyone but are strong overall. We've recently moved into a new place (just over a month)


My boyfriend was away, near the end of this week I had my friend over. When we arrived my upstairs neighbour was around so I did a quick intro and that was mostly it for the night, I hadnt even noticed his friend around at the time.

Just before midnight i went to take my dog out for the last time of the night, my friend was already falling asleep so i figured it was a good time to try to turn in too.


My dog pulled me around front where she started barking a bit until I looked up and noticed someone standing by the front porch. She pulled me over now since she loves and needs to see everyone, i apologized for not seeing him there etc. and our 2 hour + conversation started .. nothing important but nothing not either. it was just comfortable and oddly great. and we just talked close to 3 hours like it was nothing.


Now i feel like there's parts of that conversation I want to continue or follow up on because I didn't get to say all I wanted or something. Thinking about it or him gives me such a warm feeling in my chest and almost a lump in my throat.

I'm wondering if anyone has felt that almost instant connection with someone and you're almost longing to see them again, even when you already have someone you love and cherish..


I have thought of this new guy so much since that night while I still missed my boyfriend at the same time. It's really strange and a little intense and not sure what this could mean.


The worst part is with this on my mind, our first kiss upon his return just didn't have that energy I was expecting or had most recently in my head.

Is it because I have something else on my mind, this fantasy or whatever you would call it? Or just because I am so used to everything in our relationship I am just craving something new?


These feelings are very conflicting and I almost feel as though I have been unfaithful with how overwhelmed I feel.

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