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My cheating ex is trying to get me back

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So my ex of 28 years who had an affair behind my back then had absolutely no contact with me for nearly a year suddenly turns up on my doorstep

really drunk full of apologies and confessing to me he regretted his behaviour badly and he was no longer with the woman he had the affair with.

We talked we yelled and so on, he tells me wants to come home but Im not really buying it as he had really broken my heart from his affair and him turning up drunk wasnt appealing either.

Anyway we part ways and then I find out hes still with her!!! yet he came to me wanting me back.

He turned up again two weeks later at night and drunk again!!!!

He tells me the sorry I love you story and that its over with her and that he wants to come home.

All the while he cant look me in the face either as he is ashamed of what hes done.

He leaves and tells me to call him later.....I havent even bothered..and then I find out hes still back seeing the other woman aswell.


She also knows that he came to my house the first time but yet shes still with him!!!

Im not interested at all in his rubbish but I dont know why he comes to me yet still goes back to her,,its really laughable


Your thoughts??

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Yeah he's old and mature. If he was say in his early twenties or teens, yeah It could be judged as immaturity and a mistake. But they fact he is a grown man, I have to say hat he is acting like a very selfish person. Don't open the door again. Tell him to leave you alone and if he comes again you will call the police. It isn't fair on you

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