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I have two different things I'd like to discuss. To start out I've never been in a relationship(I'm gay btw) with anyone or have done anything sexual with anyone. It's not that I've never had the opportunity, it's either I'm not into the person or they are not into me. The first thing is that every time I have feelings for someone I get really depressed and cry. I hate it soo much. I've developed the mindset that is good for me to never fall in love or ever give it chance. I'm not into drug, alcohol or partying so it also is hard for me to fit in and relate to a lot of people.


The other topic leads to a guy I've been talking to online. I've never been willing to meet anyone online, but I kind of like this guy. Turns out he has the same exact forum of autism I have, Asperger's. He seems like he really likes me and can relate to how I feel emotionally on a lot of levels. The downfall is he told me he smokes weed. Is that something I could help him quit if we got closer? I never find guys I'm interested in, but I feel there might be something special about him. I would never partake in any smoking, but I feel like I could knock some sense into him. Does anyone success stories on helping friends/lovers stop that kind of addiction? Thanks!

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