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  1. Not too good, my landlord wants the money asap, and haven't had any friends or family able to help. I'm very stressed out.
  2. I get paid last Friday, then get paid on the 11th. Thank you for all your support everyone.
  3. I called my parents and they said they can't help. I don't know her personally but have been renting her for over 3 years.
  4. Thank you very much for your responce. This has been very devastating to me. I have have been renting for a very long time, and have always been able to pay my rent. Never had a large sum of money fell out of my pocket before. This is very frightening, having my life on the line. I wanted to get some things done today but have just been sitting in my room crying for hours.
  5. Hi guys, I was having a nice mellow day. Was checking out Barnes and Nobles than went to the atm and pulled out $300 for my rent. I was walking home, walked down a few blocks than noticed my money wan't in my pocket. I panicked, walked all the way back to the atm. Retraced all my steps, nowhere to be found. I even went to the restaurants that I walked past and asked the employees if anyone turned anything in and no results. Rent is $660 and only have $400 in my account. What do I do guys?
  6. I'm a 26 year old gay male. I'm a good guy who is not into the crazy lifestyle that most people thrive off of. I don't party, drink, hook up or anything of that nature. I don't hang out with a lot of people because I don't agree with there lifestyles. I met this guy on Adam4adam in person. Fist time ever on that site, because it is primarily about hooking up. His name is Jeff, and I was totally up front with him about my lifestye. We have hung out 6 times, and it has been pretty good except I noticed he is a very sexual person and I am more into love and compassion. We both like to see each other weekly and want to get to know each other. We were talking last night and he was talking about how we were a good match and I replied "I love my Jamaican man" referring to him. Then he texted "What are you trying to get this excited work". Then I asked him why he was feeling down, because he mentioned he was earlier in the conversation. I never heard from him, and messaged him later and told him how I love his culture, and that I said that because I am proud to be with someone of that race. I've been trying to call him and asked him what is having an issues about. He won't respond to me at all. I'm really sad because I feel like I'm going to lose him over something so silly. I told myself I'd never been with anyone again because it can be really stressful sometimes and it's sooo hard to find someone I feel compatible with. Or who accepts me for my reserved lifestyle.
  7. Hello, Well the new trailer for Last Jedi is out! I find it way more appealing and exciting than the first trailer, and it opens the door to a lot of new questions and theories. I wanted to discuss the outcome and evolution of Rey. I have two theories... The first is that Rey will use Kylo Ren and make him believe that she wants to join the First Order in order to get to Snoke, in hopes to destroy him. The other is that in order to become even more powerful, Rey will want to learn the power of both the light and dark sides of the force. She believes that Luke's training is not enough for her to reach her full potential. In that case she will turn to Kylo Ren as a second mentor. This also ties into the Grey Jedi direction. Which describes "Jedi who distanced themselves from the Jedi High Council and operated outside the strictures of the Jedi Code". What do you guys think will happen? Also what parts/characters are you most excited to see?
  8. Hi, So yesterday I stumbled upon Logic's VMA performance of his hit song 1-800-273-8255 which features Alessia Cara & Khalid. I was so incredibly moved and inspired by the performance and song. I cried so hard... I have not been suicidal for a long time, but have had extremely low days when I don't want to live. I thought it would be cool for myself, and others to share our stories, and if the song/videos have impacted/helped you. VMA Performance: Music Video: I'm a 26 year old handsome, skinny, homosexual man with a high functioning forum of autism called Aspergers. I've never fit in with society or have ever really had any close friends. I've gotten along pretty well with some of my coworkers from my jobs, but it's only really been an at work thing. I had a very hard childhood. Never really fit in at school, went to special classes... My parents and I would always fight and they'd take away all my things away, because we couldn't see eye to eye. I remember crying all the time in a barren room not wanting to live, and feeling all alone. I'm not into sex, drugs, alcohol, partying, or anything in that matter. I tried to make friends outside of work, but when they found out I wasn't interested in any of that stuff it never lasted long. I wake up early, walk to work, get off, walk home, have dinner, play video games, then sleep and repeat. My teachers would tell my mom "I could never keep a job or support myself". I've supported myself for about 6 years and have always had a job. If I quit one, I'd pick another up a few days later. I worked at Target for 6 years and did pretty much everything, including supervising the front lanes, which I was very proud of. The biggest highlights of my life are music, art, nature, exploring San Francisco and video games. I use to be so depressed about not having any friends. Music has helped me tremendously overcome my depression from that never ending disappointment. As well as all the teasing and criticism I face, for not being like everyone else. It rarely ever hurts me anymore to be called a "girl" or "fag". I also had been kicked on the ground so hard by a bunch of jerks, that they actually broke my right arm. I feel happy and a sense of love when I listen to music, especially songs like Logics 1-800..., it's the thing that makes me happy and keeps me holding on, when I feel so much rejection, hate and criticism from others. One of the hardest times of my life was when I really wanted to be friends with this guy at Target. He always very sweet and kind, and wholesome. Nothing like your average college kid. I was so excited when he responded to me on Facebook about wanting to hangout. Then after two nice hangouts he stopped talking to me. My heart sank, I became depressed and after being rejected a couple time earlier that year, I decided to just be alone like I was my whole childhood. I know I'll never have friends or a lover, but as long as I have music in my life, I know I can make it through. Please feel free to share your stories as well! Would love to hear them!
  9. Hello, I have two different things I'd like to discuss. To start out I've never been in a relationship(I'm gay btw) with anyone or have done anything sexual with anyone. It's not that I've never had the opportunity, it's either I'm not into the person or they are not into me. The first thing is that every time I have feelings for someone I get really depressed and cry. I hate it soo much. I've developed the mindset that is good for me to never fall in love or ever give it chance. I'm not into drug, alcohol or partying so it also is hard for me to fit in and relate to a lot of people. The other topic leads to a guy I've been talking to online. I've never been willing to meet anyone online, but I kind of like this guy. Turns out he has the same exact forum of autism I have, Asperger's. He seems like he really likes me and can relate to how I feel emotionally on a lot of levels. The downfall is he told me he smokes weed. Is that something I could help him quit if we got closer? I never find guys I'm interested in, but I feel there might be something special about him. I would never partake in any smoking, but I feel like I could knock some sense into him. Does anyone success stories on helping friends/lovers stop that kind of addiction? Thanks!
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