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Could this be love?


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Hi, so i recently got out of a relationship and it wasn't that long and it ended pretty abruptly. I had been in contact, as a friend, a guy who i have known for the past 12 years and have always had a crush on, we kind of always kept coming back to each other but the timing simply didn't work out, until now. He is the sweetest guy in the world and we share all the same goals and i feel like it is so natural talking to him. he treats me with so much respect and has always been my shoulder to cry on throughout these past years and has told me he'd wait till i was okay with my breakup. He is the perfect match for me in so many ways. My family worries that we are moving to fast but I've loved this guy for years and he has felt the same way. Am i crazy for falling so hard? I've known him forever and we've stayed in contact for the last 10 years consistently and i just want to know if this is too good to be true or have i really found the one?

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There's no way to know until you try.


There are no guarantees, that's for sure.


I once went out with a guy who had been my friend for years. I thought it would be great because we got along so well. He turned out to be the most annoying boyfriend ever.

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