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Been done oh so dirty! You won't believe it!

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My ex fiance is a cheater,meth user,has beat me & emotionally abusive & used to kid all the time about stalking me if we ever broke up. He has harassed me to the point I had to get an order of protection. His first wife had to fill one out also. He's a convicted felon & is still on felony probation. We broke up about 3 weeks ago & I find out he was cheating on me with his ex gf. Also a meth user. In the past 18 months,I had to have a partial hysterectomy,my brother was killed in a fatal car accident,my son was almost killed on his way to the prom in a car accident,I had to have knee surgery,my grandma died over Christmas & now I'm having to deal with a belligerent meth head who's mad I served papers on him. When we moved in together,I brought all my furniture with me. He had nothing. So we get to the hearing in court for the order of protection I filed on him,I told the judge I just want my things & that's it. My ex told me several times I could come get it but when I did he wouldn't let me have it! He told the court it was his bc I didn't have receipts! Today I found out he sat alot if my things outside. But not everything. Worst of all it was today I found out who he was cheating with bc when I went to get my stuff with the officer who always goes with me,his dope headed ex stuck her head out the door while the officer was explaining to my ex that I was getting my stuff. I loved him. Was faithful to him. Despite the beating & cheating,which he denied of course. This man really hurt me bad. My only wish us that everyone could see him for the piece of he really is! This man beat me in front of his 12 year old son! I hate him!! What's the best way to deal with this?

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