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EX Gf sent text (breadcrumb???) to me while on dating site?

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Hi guys,


It's been 3 months no contact since the breakup with my 1 year Ex Girlfriend who I was in love with. The past 3 months have been very hard. Each day is a struggle to make it through. I'm still not over her, but each day I can feel myself getting stronger and closer to healing. For the time being, I've kept to myself, stayed away from dating, and prioritized making myself whole again, reconnecting with friends, hobbies, work, etc.


She just sent me a text message saying "Living without you is a lot hard than I'd anticipated...."


Upon receiving the text, my heart jumped at the thought of her thinking about me. I had no idea if she has moved on, if she was miserable, if she was happy, etc. Clearly, I'm still not over her. Then, after about an hour of joy, my heart started to sink again once I realized the text had no real substance, no clear intent, no underlying action, nothing that conveyed that she wanted to reconcile. Then it started to settle in, this was probably more of a self indulgent ego stroke text than it was an attempt to get back with me.


So, out of curiosity, to try and discern what her intent was, I did some stalking, and checked her online dating profile to see what she was up to. Turns out, the same day, in fact, the same hour, that she sent me the text, she had logged onto her dating site.......


My question, why would someone send a text like that, while actively on a dating site, playing the field? Is she just lonely? Does she want an ego boost, maybe a sense of comfort? Is she truly interested in reaching out and reconciling? Why would someone do this, it seems selfish.


Can someone help me discern what she is doing? My emotions have distorted my rationale thinking and I just can't stop thinking about it.

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If she's left you and you still want her, you tell her to let you know if she wants to be together, your not interested in anything else. If you haven't done that yet its not too late, you can tell her now. But then you don't respond to anything else apart from her wanting to see you.

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She will not forget you as you were in relationship together, also she is a human and the feeling will not go away instantly. She's lonely, bored, hasn't found someone else to occupy her mind. She is testing the water to see your reaction. You haven't gone over her but you have been doing well (give yourself some credits for these 3 months NC), will you want her to come back? Are you strong enough If things aren't working out as you expected? Focus on your genuine feeling and interest, her purpose of sending that message isn't important.

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