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Starting over with Ex....

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Hi Guys,


Okay, this is all a bit of a long story so here is the very shortened version! Last August (8 months ish!) I broke up with my girlfriend of 2.5 years. I broke up with her and it was the worst descision I have ever made, it was an absolute moment of stupidity. I have spent the time in between telling her how much I regret it and wish could take it back but unfortunately we moved away with our work. Recently though, we both started working at the same place and have spent a lot of time together and after 4 weeks together (after a bit of an awkward start too!) we finally spent a weekend away together and got it together again.


This is great, I really want nothing more... but... its just strange. She says that its weird for her to go from nothing to lots of affection and that she wants to build up slowly. I know that I can't just dive back in where we left off all that time ago but I am just worried that I will lose her again. She says that it's not bad but I've just got to go slowly... which I understand... but its not like starting with someone completely new. I mean, although I have been with other people since splitting with her before, as has she, but I havn't started a relationship since then... so I'm a bit rusty. I have forgotten how to start a new relationship, and with her we kind of have all the extra stuff behind us which we can't really forget. I know I want to be with her, that is definate, but I don't know how to behave at this delicate time... If I start out with her again it will be forever... do I tell her that or what!!? Any advice on how to behave, what to do etc... would be really appreciated! Can we make it work??

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Hey Nick..


Quick question.. How long were guys broken up for before getting back together again? And how far apart were you 2 while you were each working? I know how you are feeling..But I haven't come up any answers yet... I'll keep working on it.

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why did you break up with your girlfriend? you may have hurt her quite a bit in breaking up with her. i would just take it slow with her and let her know you are sorry, tell her why you broke up. she is probably weary that you will break up with her again and will need reassurance and time to get over her hurt and possible anger at you for giving up on your relationship the first time around. I would just be honest with her about your feelings and just take it as it goes-- don't get overwhelmed by it all, just do what feels right for the two of you. hope that helps!

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