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I hate the family I was born into


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I hate not dislike the fact that I am born into my family. If God had made it in form of choosing a family one would lyk to be before coming into the world. It would have been fair. But God knows best. The bad things the happens far outweighs the good. Its so painful dat all throughout ones journey through life, it has been one problem or another. Honestly I'm tired. I only have peace when I'm asleep.

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I'm sorry you're in a position that has made you feel such animosity towards your family. Some people are just scummy, and sometimes those scummy people find each other and hook up to make an even scummier family. Nothing to be done about it except keeping yourself above water.


Remember, you aren't obligated to stick with your family forever. If they are so toxic, cut out and make your own family of friends, lovers, pets, whatever. You have to take care of yourself, even if it means painfully cutting out your family.

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