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So Im on a dating app, feeling good. Got a match with a girl I knew back in college. Then I come across my ex. Im in one of her pictures and took one or two others. Her "about me" was on point.


Why the **** does it have to show her to me, esp since shes been off it for months. Damn she looked good and damn she really wanted to move on. We are even friends on fb..and its based on fb!


And now i can't sleep. Wth

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That's so tough. If it puts it into perspective, she's doing exactly what you're doing, and I bet she had a similar gut-punchy feeling when she came across you in her matches, especially if this is a recent breakup.


Just swipe left or whatever on her and get her off your page. You don't need that additional strain (plus, it might make you feel better to literally throw her face in the trash

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