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I'm trying to figure things out with my ex. I took the advice to give her some space however this weekend I went up to her place (because I was coming up for a party and needed a place to stay at night). We were good until the day I left. That day we did some serious love-making. Just over 2 and a half hours of it, not including foreplay. It was great we both loved it.


After she said she was interested in dating again. I said I fancied the idea and set-up a date. It's not for a while, but I worry if I've made the right choice. I know since we've broken up she hasn't seen anyone else. Before this weekend (like right before), she told me she's looking for MAGIC. I said I didn't know how to give her MAGIC. She said she felt MAGIC with me but she wanted more. Something spectacular.


Do you think she's suddenly had a change of heart or is this just pillow talk? I mean she wants a date, should I have said yes?

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Hello~Well you already said "yes", so you have to go on a date with her. I think it's a good idea. Many people break up & end up back together because they realize that what they had was a good thing. Maybe she feels close to you and she wants to try it out again. I hope you 2 do well in the future Good luck

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i agree...Sometimes ppl go their sepearate ways, which helps them realize what they have, and are fortunate enough to realize it b4 its too late..unlike many unfortunate others out there...


Im sure that she is real glad that u 2 are back together, but when she said she wanted "more"....im probably wrong, but do u think it could mean to be ur girl again? perhaps even wife sumday?


i dunno...but, in any event...it sounds like a new and positive direction that u guys are headed towards now..and i wish u the best, and much happiness together...





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