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perspective of codependency and infatuation.


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the act of despair, clingy, codependency, is a road we've though to have made ourselves but is actually paved by someone else, a road to have been travelled continuously but is always freshly paved. when you let your heart speak, when you let your heart determine your world.. it's like being fluent in all of the languages, and becoming mute when you break, when your heart breaks. when you feel the euphoria of being "in love" or the correct term, infatuated... you revolve around your heart like the moon revolves around the earth... always stuck in the orbit, day by day, slowly, but surely pulling away from the orbit... you no longer feel euphoria, and then you tell yourself you don't love She, that you never loved She, how could you love She? there, you are the moon. except you are lost in space, the big galaxy with zillions of stars... and you find another planet to revolve around.. another She for your heart to revolve around... and then the euphoria wares off, and you are lost in space, wanting to orbit, yet again...


written by me.

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OP, I've seen several of your posts like this, and it occurred to me to mention that perhaps you should consider printing these out, as well and keeping them preserved in hard copy for future reference/use, in addition to the help you offer here.


Very insightful. Good on you!

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