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Good friend s avoiding me after I confessed that I have acrush on him


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He and I have known each other for 5 years, but started talking 3 years back. We became instant friends. And I had a huge crush on him. The same year he left the country for studies. After that, obviously we texted less. I thought the feeling would go after while as I don't get to see him or talk to him. But no.. Last year, I confessed to him via text. I know. Not a brilliant way to profess your love for someone. As expected, the poor guy was surprised(or shocked. I don't know). But he praised me for being brave and said that I could contact him whenever I wanted to. Of course I didn't contact him after that! I was embarrassed. I just sent him a message on Easter and posted a birthday wish on his timeline. We did not talk to each other for an year. Just recently, he texted me and when I responded, he kind of backed away. He did not want to continue talking. But I decided not to let it go and said I was surprised to see his message after an year of not talking to each other. He apologised for avoiding contact. Then poof. Gone. He's back to giving me the silent treatment. He was back in town for 2 months and he did not try to contact me. I live just 2 streets away from his place. I get it. He doesn't want a relationship with me. But why is he refusing to be friends with me? I tried my best to act casual with him during our last conversation & he just kept on holding himself back. I miss talking to him freely. Why is he behaving like this? How can I get him back as my friend?


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