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First time having a long distance relationship.Advice needed.


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I have been dating this girl for about a month and a half now.We live in the same town however she studies at another town about 4 hours away.During her semester she visits for about 10 days a month so the time I have to meet up with her is pretty limited.


I can tell attraction was there from the beginning.We ended up making out a couple of hours after we met.Since then we have been on 5 dates due to the distance problem and full schedules and I can honestly say each one went great.Thing is,I am not used to this long-distance kind of relationship so I have no idea if what I am about to tell you is normal or not.I have noticed that the longer it takes for her to visit home the harder it is for me to keep her interest level where it was when we first met.For example the first time she went away she constantly texted me,acting all cute and girly in her texts however the next week she was more distant and took longer to respond to texts,etc.That is until she visited again and the process repeated itself.


At this point I want to tell you that we are not in a relationship yet,even though she is quite jealous and acts like it most of the time.She brought up the matter some time ago and told me that it's too early since we haven't spent enough time together,to which I agree and find it pretty reasonable,however I am quite sure I want to be in a relationship with her at this point.


During her last visit,she flaked out on me at the last possible minute,which was a huge turn off for me at the time.She apologized the day after and was quite sincere from what I can tell.I decided to lay back and let her do all the chasing this time around since I was not sure about her wanting to continue seeing each other or not.As expected,it worked!5 days later after not reaching out once,she reaches out,complaining that I forgot her and since then we have been talking daily on the phone/cam which has worked way better than texting,since it's more personal.However I have noticed that her interest level is slowly degrading again and I am trying to find a different approach at least for the time being,since she is visiting for 2 weeks this Friday.


How do I keep raising the interest level just through text/phone calls during these periods of not seeing each other?Is this a normal thing to happen?

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