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Here's the situation:


About a week ago, my friend broke up with her boyfriend. They are both my friends. I was talking to her about it because she was pretty down about it. We got talking and talked for a few hours, the following night we talked for a few more hours.


A couple days after cheering her up, we realised that both of us have such an easy time communicating with one another. Now almost every time we see eachother we're flirtin' back and forth. She's always standin' near me with a great big smile on her face.


I'm almost certain that she likes me. She wont' admit it to me if i ask her who she likes she just says "I dunno" or "Not Sure".


I want to ask her but am a bit afraid for a few reasons. In one of our convo's she stated "It summer, a great time to be happy and flirting". I'm not sure if that was a way of telling me that we're just gunna be friends or soemthing along those line.


The other thing was her ex. He is one of my friends and he really likes her still. Apparently, he made a stong point to her that HE WILL change her after she told him the only way she'd go out with him again is if she had a change of feelings. He also bothers me alot when i flirt with her (i know it's jelousy) and it's extremly annoying.


Any advice at all is welcome here!!

I never knew this forum existed, just found it today! Whoever runs it THANK YOU!...


By the way i'm 16. The other 2 people involved are the same age.

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Just be careful about what you are getting yourself into. Wait a bit. Wait a while actually. Women who just broke up with their bf's are maybe still confused and possibly still in love with them. I have seen many incidents where women have gotten back with their ex and left the new guy behind, so as I stated earlier is you should just be careful and know entirely what's going to happen. Also, just be patient and wait it out. A week is sorta soon to start trying to make things between you and her more serious. She is still emotional and just needs support, be her friend for now.


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I should added this:


They had only gone out for a month, they had no real strong feelings for eachother... (except he had stong feelings for her) but i did talk to her about it and things seem stable.


I will wait a while, I was not sure how secure i would be, getting into a relationship so soon after one ended. LoL, she doesn't seem to emotional about it.


I'll continue to support her and be there for her. Thanks for you advice.

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Hi SilenThunder,


First of all welcome to eNotalone.com and thank you for coming to us for seeking advice. It pleases me to hear that you like eNotalone.com a lot, thereforeeeeee I hope to hear from you a little more. I understand that you wonder if you should wait or date.


Although they have only been together for a month, I would still be very cautious in what you do. Your guy friend might give up his friendship with you and I am not sure if you're ready for that. Along that line, he might even cause trouble for you with other friends.


My suggestion is that you talk to your friend first, before initiating anything else with this young woman. I also recommend you to talk to some of your other close friends to see how they look at things. If they are okay, you will know that they won't hang up on you while trying this.


I hope that this works for you and I wish you good luck and a bright future


~ SwingFox ~

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