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Fiance overlapped and dumped me for new bf


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Hi, bit of background. Me and my ex gf had been dating for 5 and a half years and engaged for 10 months. We bought a flat as recently as three months ago and i was so looking forward to spending our lives together. She would always say things like how she knew she would marry me and how she would never leave me (she even texted me this 3 weeks before the break up). Then suddenly out of the blue she said she had feelings for somebody else and broke it off. I'm devastated, i just don't know how a person can say those things then just cut me out of their life in an instant. I now know she has been dating someone new just 6 weeks after the break up.


Is their any way she may think again and come back or do i just accept it and move on? I've been in limited contact with her since it happened because things need sorting with our flat.

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I'm so sorry to hear this tom. Who knows why this happened and I know it doesn't feel good.


It might be possible she'd come back, though breaking up an engagement is a big decision. Maybe she got scared of the committment of marriage, maybe she thought the grass would be greener elsewhere, maybe she had issues with the relationship, who knows. Is catching feelings for someone else the only reason she gave you? It seems like she is moving on and I think it is best for you to, also, with that assumption... Just thank that this happened during the engagement and not after getting married.


I hope she is amicable in your limited contact in sorting out the place you two bought together.

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She might have been cheating all along on you with him...and just now they might have sorted things out.


Maybe she needed to say she'll forever stay with you so she can make her own mind up and make herself believe that, or she was scared you might find out.


There is NO WAY that she has just recently met this guy; I might be wrong but this is what I believe.


She's not worth it. I would move on if she valued what you had and if she valued and loved you she never in a milion years would have done this to you. She found something better and left and maybe was looking for it all along cause you weren't good enough for her.


Plus if she comes back it will only be cause he dumped her not cause she really loves you. And I would never be able to trust a person like that ever again if she did that.


I might be wrong and I hope I am.


I would move on she doesn't deserve you.


Good luck

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