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Harmonica, Guitar, or Violin? (Hobby)


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If you want to learn the violin, I would say go for it because even wanting to learn it says a lot. I think you should definitely try and see how far you can go. Some people think it's difficult, some people think it requires patience but difficulty level is manageable. It is easier than the theremin I suppose The genre would matter as well I reckon. The guitar would give you a lot of public performance opportunities and harmonica is sweet. I think what makes a person attractive when they play an instrument is their love for their instrument no matter what it is and the pleasure they derive from that instrument. It can be a plastic bottle filled with pebbles, doesn't matter much to me. It is about how they relate to it. I would say start saving for the violin, honour the harmonica you already have and then reconsider after a while. Harmonica will help you with Bob Dylan and Captain Beefheart fans ;-)

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i'd say do it i play guitar myself and yes it is t ka way to get some attention from the girls but not all of em and PS if your learning songs that remind you of your broken heart id say go ahead you will learn the guitar even faster if you really get into the songs even if it makes you cry and if you must let it all out and practis practcis practis .


and also beginner guitar is easy just know your fingers will be yellen at ya but if you wanna learn your gonna have to keep at it with or without the tears plus crying and playing will get you some chicks to you know

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